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Cat Eye Surgery

Cat Eye surgery also referred as Fox Eye Surgery is a procedure which changes the eye shape to look like a cat’s eye shape by raising the outer eyelid corners.

What can cat eye surgery do?

Canthoplasty can change your eye shape which will give you a more energized look. This surgery is the preferred surgery of many Hollywood celebrities including Bella Hadid. This surgery gives you elongated and almond shaped eyes which give you an exotic and attractive look.

How is cat eye surgery performed?

To create the cat eye lift or effect, the surgeon slightly raises the “lateral canthus” which is the outer corner where the eyelids meet to produce a more elongated look. Once the final shape is created the suspended tissue fixed to the bone membrane.

What is the recovery like after the cat eye surgery?

Generally, patients can be discharged on the same day of the operation. Patients should expect mild to moderate pain that can be managed with pain medication. After the operation, swelling and bruising are expected which will subside within a week. Patients can go back to their daily activities within a week. Final results will be seen after six months.

How is the aftercare like?

As the Nuannce Health, we will ensure that your recovery process goes smoothly to boost the affects of the surgery.

Quitting nicotine and alcohol during the healing process is recommended, as nicotine and alcohol intake will interfere with the healing process. It is recommended not to wear makeup for at least a week after the surgery. After the operation, a special tape will be applied to the eye area. It is possible for the patients to take showers.

How Much is Cat Eye Surgery in Turkey?

Despite providing high-quality services, Turkey offers budget-friendly prices. However, cat eye surgery cost can vary depending on factors such as the clinic, location, and additional services. You can contact us for detailed information!

Am I a Good Candidate for Cat Eye Surgery ?

Canthoplasty is a type of surgery that can be done on people of different ages and genders. However, it’s more popular among younger people because it’s a recent trend. Most of the patients are usually under the age of 45. The appeal of having cat-like, almond-shaped eyes is something that both men and women like.

Still, like with most surgeries, there are other things to think about before deciding if canthoplasty is right for you. Your overall health is usually the most important factor. If you want to know if canthoplasty is a good choice for you, give us a call, and our team will be happy to help you find out!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is enough to stay in Turkey for five days for a cat eye surgery

In general patients can return to work in a week. 

Cat eye surgery is safe when it is performed by a reliable surgeon. Like with any surgery, there are some short-term risks, such as bleeding, infection, bruising, and swelling. There’s a chance of uneven results, but picking a really good and experienced plastic surgeon who plans everything carefully can make sure things turn out well.

Certainly, cat eye surgery is typically regarded as a permanent procedure. The objective of the surgery is to modify the eyes’ shape and look by establishing cat-like or almond-shaped features. While certain aging-related alterations may occur over time, the overall transformation is enduring.

A lot of times, surgeons perform blepharoplasty and canthoplasty together for a more pronounced cat eye look. If, for some reason, you decide to have them done separately or want a canthoplasty after already getting a blepharoplasty, it’s important to wait until you’re fully healed before going in for another procedure.


1 day


1-2 hours


General Anaesthesia


10 days


4th  day


5 days in Turkey

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