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Vaser Liposuction 101: How It Differs From Normal Liposuction

Liposuction is a highly preferred surgical procedure for removing excess adipose tissue and giving the body a better shape, and it is applied to people who need regional slimming rather than weight problems such as obesity and diabetes. Besides, Vaser Liposuction, which means vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance, is one of the preferred procedures in body shaping and is the process of removing fat with the help of thin cannulas in people who have regional fat problems. 

Also, unlike other types of liposuction, vaser liposuction is known to have no problems such as bleeding, bruising, or skin fluctuation.


What is the Difference Between Vaser Liposuction and Liposuction? 


The main difference that distinguishes vaser liposuction from other liposuction procedures is the way vaser liposuction affects the fat tissue. As mentioned before, the vasel liposuction process focuses more on fat tissues and minimizes the damage to other tissues. In this way, there is less damage to the skin and less edema compared to normal liposuction techniques.

This feature of Vaser liposuction is considered an advantage that patients can return to their social lives and daily activities as soon as possible after the operation. 


Who is a Candidate for Vaser Liposuction? 


Basically, It is known that everyone can have vaser liposuction for as long as they want. However, it may be unsafe and dangerous for people with serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure to have liposuction.

Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with the fat in various parts of your body even though you are not overweight, you can have this surgery as you wish. 


Vaser Liposuction for Women

Women generally prefer vaser liposuction procedures to get rid of stubborn fat that cannot be resolved with diet and sports. Besides, the most preferred areas by women include the abdomen, hips, thighs and chest. To undergo vaser liposuction, women must have an ideal weight and be healthy.


Vaser Liposuction for Men 

In men, this procedure is generally preferred due to the lipids in the abdomen, flanks, chin and hip areas. In some cases, it may also be preferred to reduce excess breast tissue. Suitable candidates for vaser lipo procedure in men should generally be healthy people who are at or close to their ideal weight.



The Vaser Liposuction Procedures


Since Vaser Lipo is also a surgical procedure, it consists of many stages. Stages of Vaser Lipo surgery can be listed as follows:


  • Consultancy: If you are considering such a procedure, it is very substantial to contact a well-known and reliable plastic surgeon and consult your ideas. After you share your problems with your doctor, he or she will make suggestions when the conditions are appropriate and you will draw a road map together.


  • Preparation for Surgery: When the day of surgery comes, you need to be ready for the surgery both mentally and physically. For this reason, you should not ignore your doctor’s recommendations. Physically preparing for surgery may include marking the areas to be treated by the doctor, taking “before” photographs for reference, and administering anesthesia.


  • Starting the operation: The surgeon responsible for your surgery will first make small incisions in the targeted areas and insert a vaser probe through these incisions. Thanks to the Vaser probe, other tissues are prevented from being affected by the process, while fat cells are broken down by the ultrasonic energy emitted.


  • Emulsification of Fat: Thanks to ultrasonic energy, fat cells vibrate and emulsify. In this way, the cells turn into a liquid or semi-liquid form. This process makes it easier to remove fat from the body.


  • Fat Removal: In order to absorb the emulsified fat, a thin tube called “cannula” is used by the surgeon to move it over the targeted area and the fat cells brought into liquid form are destroyed.


  • Recovery: After the fat cells are destroyed, the incisions are closed with stitches and a bandage is attached. Thanks to bandages, healing time is accelerated and wound formation is prevented.


What are the Advantages of Vaser Liposuction? 


As mentioned before, Vaser Liposuction has several advantages compared to other fat removal operations. It is possible to list these advantages as follows:


  • Precision: As mentioned in the details of the procedure, special focus is placed on fat cells while protecting surrounding tissues such as blood vessels and nerves. Thanks to this considerable detail, a more accurate and risk-free body shaping is achieved and a more natural result is encountered.


  • Minimal damage: Since smaller incisions are made, the risks of scarring and post-operative discomfort are minimized and rapid recovery is achieved.


  • Versatility: We mentioned that this procedure is preferred to get rid of fat tissues in various parts of the body, including the abdomen, sides, thighs, hips, arms, neck, chin and more. Also, vaser lipo is preferred in gynecomastia surgery in men. This versatility allows for comprehensive body shaping, making it easier for individuals to achieve the body they dream of.


  • Long-Lasting Results: The results of Vaser Liposuction will be very long-lasting and permanent, especially when applied by adopting a healthy lifestyle such as a balanced diet and regular exercise. In this way, patients do not need to undergo surgery again and again.


What is the downside of Vaser liposuction?

As in every surgery, there are various disadvantages in the vaser lipo procedure. To put it bluntly, these disadvantages are not due to the process, but to the failure to take the necessary precautions. For this reason, before having the vaser lipo procedure, you should make sure that the place where you will have the procedure is sterile and reliable. Otherwise, you may get various infections from open wounds and your procedure may fail.


Is Vaser lipo safe in Turkiye? 

As with every surgery, there are safe and unsafe surgery options in all countries. Turkiye is one of these countries. If you do a thorough research in line with your wishes and take user comments into consideration, you will of course find a safe place in Turkiye. If you are looking for “Vaser Liposuction near me”, you can use the internet to find the best plastic surgeons and clinics.


Does Vaser lipo permanently remove fat?

If you continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly after your liposuction procedure, the permanence of your procedure will last a long time. However, consuming high-fat foods and inactivity after liposuction will cause you to regain your fat mass.


Is Vaser lipo better than liposuction? 

It is possible to say that the vaser lipo procedure is better and more effective than other liposuction procedures because it only targets the destruction of fat tissues, does not harm other tissues and is responsible for the formation of smaller wounds.


How many liters of fat can be removed with Vaser lipo?

Vaser Liposuction procedure usually consists of a single session. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the destruction of 3 to 5 liters of fat. The procedure in which fat is removed from the entire body is called vaser lipo 360. In these processes, approximately 5 kilos of fat are removed from the body. 


How many sessions of Vaser liposuction?

As mentioned before, the vaser lipo procedure is completed in a single session. Also, Even if the vaser lipo 360 procedure is just one session, it may take a few more hours. Moreover, vaser lipo prices are questioned by many people. It can be said that Vaser lipo costs and vaser lipo 360 costs nearly $2,500 to $4,000 or more.


How painful is Vaser lipo recovery? 

The pain level of this procedure can differ from person to person. It is a variable situation, especially depending on the anesthesia and the pain threshold of the person. However, it will be possible to reduce your pain level to the lowest level thanks to the conditions and medications your doctor has recommended to you.


Can fat come back after Vaser?

As everyone knows, the human body is susceptible to lubrication. If conditions such as regular nutrition and exercise are not followed after liposuction, your body may accumulate fat. Therefore, in order not to encounter the same problem again after your liposuction, you should pay attention to follow a balanced and regular diet and exercise regularly.


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