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Fox Eye Surgery in Turkey with Nuannce Clinic

One of the most popular beauty trends in recent years is the fox eye look. Since people have been using makeup to improve their appearance for decades, the power of the gaze has long been understood. Nowadays, obtaining a good eye shape can be permanently achieved with surgical modifications. Fox eye surgery is one of the most often used surgeries for this reason. In essence, fox eye surgery is raising the corners of the eyes to give the impression that they are longer and more slanted.


This procedure has been chosen by many, and the outcomes have been spectacular. Many people select for Fox eye surgery in Turkey because of the state-of-the-art facilities, knowledgeable staff, and affordable costs that are offered here. Fox eye surgery in Turkey provides a path to beauty and self-assurance. But you need the right direction during your journey to guarantee the greatest outcomes imaginable. When it comes to fox eye surgery in Turkey, Nuannce Clinic is the clear top option. Curious to know more? Then keep reading! 


What Does Fox Eye Surgery Involve?

Fox eye surgery, which is also known as canthoplasty or lateral canthopexy, is a procedure that changes the outer corner of the eye to make it more elongated and lifted, for a gaze that is much like the almond-shaped eyes associated with a fox-like look. This procedure is usually carried out by the surgeon who makes tiny incisions at the outer corners of the eyes and rearranges the position of the tissues and muscles to get the desired effect. The purpose of this surgical technique is to elevate the outer corners of the eye making them even youthful and lifted. It is desired mainly by people who desire to improve upon the overall appearance of their eyes shape and symmetry.


How Long Do the Results of Fox Eye Surgery Last?

In general, the results of the surgery can persist for several years, giving the patients steady improvement in the look of the eyes. The time for which the fox eye surgery in Turkey outcomes are to stay, depend on some individual factors, like skin elasticity, lifestyle habits, and the surgeon’s professionalism. Nevertheless, with time, obvious natural processes of aging together with gravitational forces may provide a small degree of the laxity of the tissues causing a slight reduction in the initial lift that was achieved through the process. Hence, fox-eye surgery results are quite long-lasting. 


Nuannce Health Cat Eye Surgery Before/After

Nuannce Health has fox eye surgery in Turkey among its wide range of cosmetic procedures. Prior to the fox eye surgery in Turkey at Nuannce Health, patients would be involved in a comprehensive consultation process in which their specific aesthetic goals and medical history would be considered. Nuannce Health also makes available to patients pictures of other patients that had cat eye surgery in the past or have already done it. Doing so, lets the patients see what their end results may look like, that is an impact of this kind of treatment, and therefore make an informed choice. Here’s Danny, our lovely patient from Canada, showing off his amazing fox eye surgery results: 


 Benefits and Advantages of Traveling to Turkey


Selecting Turkey as a country to carry out cosmetic operations such as fox eye surgery  provides a number of benefits and merits. 


Over the years, Turkey has developed to be a top medical tourism location, known for its high-profile health care facilities, skilled medical practitioners, and cost effective treatment options. Cosmetic procedures in Turkey provide the possibility of the latest technologies use and performance by qualified surgeons utilizing the most modern methods. 


Other than this, Turkey’s location between Europe and Asia enables it to be easily reached by the international tourists and therefore provides an interesting cultural richness, as it is marked with a lot of historical landmarks and the modern amenities that gives the journey a more exciting aura. Besides, the advantageous exchange rates and competitive medical service pricing in Turkey make this country a perfect cost-effective choice for people who are in the search of high-quality cosmetic treatments without any risks to their health.

Choose the Right Place for Your Procedure With Nuannce


The right choice of the clinic for your cosmetic surgery is an essential condition for the successful outcome and a positive situation. Nuance Health is a center of excellence that ensures the safety, comfort, and patient-centered care, where everyone receives transformative cosmetic treatments with confidence. Featuring a team of board-certified surgeons, highly-qualified staff, and modern facilities, Nuannce Health provides a complete array of facial procedures for every patient’s individual concerns and aesthetic desires.


Starting from the initial consultation and ending with the postoperative care, Nuannce Health assures the patient’s satisfaction and safety throughout the cosmetic journey, from preoperative to postoperative, with care, professionalism and excellence. Selecting Nuannce Health for your cosmetic procedures like fox eye surgery means that you will be in good hands, receiving personalized care and attention that will lead to the results you want.

Other Facial Procedures Provided By Nuannce

Nuannce Health offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments to address many aesthetic issues and needs.  Using cutting-edge advances in cosmetic technologies, Nuannce Health’s team of skilled surgeons and skin care professionals offer safe and individualized solutions for every patient, from facelifts and fox eye surgery to dental treatments and hair loss solutions


Nuannce Health offers you an opportunity to experience a life-changing journey to restore confidence, energy and eternal youth, confident in the expert hands that will lead you to aesthetic goals powered by excellence and innovation. Give us a call now to schedule your appointment and transform your life! 

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