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Fox Eye Makeup and Post-Op Recovery Tips


The fierce fox eyes have been ruling the world with their appealing beauty for ages and it seems this trend will continue. With celebrities such as Bella Hadid and influencers of the Instagram age, the lifted, narrowed, and sultry eye is the winner. In recent years, several techniques have evolved to acquire this aesthetic, with the fox eye surgery being the most effective and long-lasting one. 


However, what if you are not prepared enough to undergo surgery and would like to experiment with appearance, in the very beginning? Fear not, for there’s a fantastic alternative: Makeup


Fox eye makeup like surgery itself is a powerful trend. The mastery of some techniques allows you to produce a sudden change in appearance of your eyes. Although it is not a permanent solution, playing around with makeup is a great way to try different looks before having to think about a surgery. Read on and find out more!


 What is an Eye Lift?

An eye lift is a cosmetic surgery that is done to give the eyes a refreshed look. It covers the elimination of redundant skin, fat, and muscle from both the upper and/or lower eyelids for the correction of drooping, bags, and lines. This surgery can lead to the attainment of a younger and fresh look, as well as tighten the skin around the eyes and fix the droopy eyelids. Eye lifts are frequently appreciated by individuals who are disturbed by aging signs around the eyes or those who want to improve their facial appearance overall.


What is the Fox Eye Look?

Fox eye look method concentrates on changing the outer corner of the eyes for a raised and elongated look. The outer corner of the eye is moved upward and outward a bit which develops the almond shape and a more prominent slant like the eyes of the fox. Through anatomical modification of the eye, surgeons can help people have a naturally lifted and attractive eye shape that improves their face appearance as a whole.


Recovery Tips After Fox Eye Surgery


Following a fox eye surgery, the aftercare usually takes the most critical role in the process of the recovery. Here are some essential tips to facilitate healing and minimize discomfort:Here are some essential tips to facilitate healing and minimize discomfort:


  • To start with, follow thoroughly the postoperative instructions your surgeon has given you. Such instructions usually involve directions on wound care, medication administration, and activity limitations. Compliance with the recommendations regarding the wounds healing process is paramount in the sense of successful healing and complications prevention.


  • Second, control pain and discomfort by taking the medications for pain that your surgeon prescribes. 


  • Put cold compresses or ice packs on the surgical area to minimize the swelling and bruising. Make sure you follow the suggested frequency of applying cold therapy to get the maximum benefit from this technique.


  • Do not rub or touch the wound in order to prevent irritation and injuries to your eyes. It is also recommended to not wear contact lenses and eye make up in the first few days of healing.


  • Remain with your head lifted while resting to avoid the swelling and to ensure that the surgical site has proper drainage for excess fluid. One may sleep with more pillows so that the position or the recliner chair may be used to ensure a comfortable and elevated position.


  • Lastly, be tolerant and give your body enough time to heal and completely recover. Do not carry out activities that will stress you, heavy lifting and vigorous exercises when you are not yet cleared by your surgeon.


How To Have an Eye Lift Look Without Surgery 


A non-surgical eye lift look can be achieved by use of deliberate makeup application procedures. Make the best use of makeup products and fox eye makeup techniques, people can create an impression of lifted and younger looking eyes. Another option is the use of face tapes applied to the temples, which can elevate the eyes, creating a more lifted appearance. However, it’s important to note that this method is not suitable for daily use, as it may lead to skin sagging due to the pulling effect on the face.


Fox Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks



To get the famous fox eye makeup look, apply the liquid or gel eyeliner to make a winged shape that goes towards the temples. Begin with an outline along the upper eyelashes, and increase the thickness as you go towards the outer part of the eyes. Elongate the line slightly upwards and outwards to achieve a lifted look, in accordance with the natural shape of the eye. To achieve a more striking effect, lengthen winged eyeliner to highlight the fox-like stare.



Improve the fox eye look by focusing the lashes up with lengthening and volumizing mascara. To create the look of lifted and bigger eyes, curl the lashes with an eyelash curler first, before applying mascara. To enrich the drama use false eyelashes either with wined or flared design which will go nicely with the elongated shape of the eyes. Concentrate on using more mascara and highlighting the outer corner lashes for additional fox-like effect.


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