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Canthopexy vs Lenses: Which is Best For My Eyes ?

Eyes are said to be mirrors of the soul, and it’s not an exaggerated statement to suggest that the appearance of one’s eyes can significantly alter the overall appearance of the face. Surgical procedures like Canthopexy, also known as cat eye surgery, offer permanent solutions unlike contact lenses, which serve the purpose of changing the appearance of the eyes temporarily. So, which option is ideal for you? Today, we’ll look into this question in our blog. Enjoy reading!


What is a Canthoplasty procedure?


Canthoplasty is an operation which changes the form and location of the outer corner of the eye, the lateral canthus. In such an operation, the surgeon makes accurate cuts that modify the tension and location of the eyelid tissues, yielding an effect of a more lifted or elongated look of the eyes. Canthoplasty is done as a rule as one of additional cosmetic surgeries of the eye, blepharoplasty, together with which harmonious aesthetic results are achieved. This method is particularly popular among people who want to improve the symmetry and beauty of their eyes.


Canthoplasty procedure explained


The process of Canthoplasty starts with the doctor or surgeon providing the patient with either local anesthesia or general anesthesia in order to keep the patient comfortable. Therefore, the surgeon cuts with great precision at the outer angle of the eye that opens under the underlying tissues. With these incisions, the surgeon repositions the lateral canthal tendon and the adjacent tissues to give the eye the desired shape and lift. After the revisions are carried out, the slits are closed with extreme care using stitches. The whole process usually lasts one to two hours, and the person during the initial recovery period can suffer from a slight discomfort and swelling.


Why do people undergo Canthoplasty surgery?


People may choose to undergo Canthoplasty surgery for different reasons. Those who want to correct drooping or saggy eyelids due to aging or genetics, while the rest wish to achieve more lifted or almond-shaped look of the eyes. In addition, Canthoplasty procedures are able to eliminate any asymmetry between the eyes or recreate the natural shape of the eye outer corner after trauma. Furthermore, some people carry out Canthoplasty as one of the gender affirming procedures so that they may obtain a more female or male appearance of the eyes. In the end, the choice to have Canthoplasty is an issue of personal preferences and individual aesthetic objectives and problems.


Post-surgery guidelines

Post Canthoplasty surgery guidelines are given to the patients to follow for a better healing and result. These instructions usually involve abstaining from strenuous activities, using cold compresses to control swelling, adhering to the doctor’s medication orders, and returning for follow-up appointments. The patients should also avoid wearing eye makeup and contact lenses during the early postoperative phase so that they don’t suffer from irritation and infection. It is critical to adhere closely to the surgeon’s instructions and attend all the scheduled appointments to monitor the healing.


Is Canthoplasty the right procedure for me?


The suitability of Canthoplasty for an individual is determined by a number of factors, including the person’s aesthetic aims, medical history, and expectations. One should visit a qualified plastic surgeon with expertise in eyelid surgery regarding the concerns, candidacy and options for treatment. The surgeon will assess the eyelid anatomy of the patient, explain risks and benefits of Canthoplasty, and personalize a treatment plan according to the patient’s specific wishes and requirements. In conclusion, the choice to undergo Canthoplasty should be a mutual agreement between the patient and the surgeon after informed talks and expectations.


What are Contact Lenses?


Contact lenses are very thin and curved lenses that correct vision as well as change the appearance of the eye. They are available in different materials, designs, and wearing schedules to fit different vision requirements and lifestyle choices. Contact lenses are suitable for correcting refractive errors such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, assuring clear and comfortable vision without the necessity for eyeglasses. Also, colored contact lenses are worn for aesthetic purposes, enabling people to alter or enhance the natural color of their eyes for aesthetic reasons.


Change the Eye Shape vs Eye Color ?


The choice of the eye shape or eye color alteration in frames of either contact lenses or cat eye surgery is a matter of personal preferences, concerns, and goals. Contact lenses are a reversible noninvasive aid that enables an individual to change eye appearance or enhance their natural eye color for a specific period without having to undergo surgery. 


However  Canthoplasty, changes the form and position of the eyes permanently, thus achieving a more striking and lasting effect. To determine whether one should alter the shape of their eyes or their color, one should compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one, their preferred aesthetic result and consult a qualified eye care professional or a plastic surgeon to discuss all options and make an informed decision.



Final Verdict: Which is best ? Lenses or Cat Eye Surgery ?

The decision whether to have contact lenses or cat eye surgery is ultimately determined by personal preferences, lifestyle considerations, and aesthetic aspirations. Contact lenses, however, provide a reversible, convenient option to change the color of the eyes and correct the vision without the need for surgery. Nevertheless, contact lenses need regular upkeep, good hygiene practices, and wearing schedule compliance for safety and comfort. 


However, Cat Eye Surgery provides a long term solution in reshaping the eyes yielding more pronounced and long lasting outcomes. The Cat Eye Surgery contains an operation and recovery, but it can solve issues like drooping eyelids, asymmetry, or wanted eye shape alterations. In the end, the choice of contact lenses and cat eye surgery should be made according to personal preferences, consultation with appropriate experts, and the evaluation of the possible disadvantages and advantages of each alternative.

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